Soluna is an emerging artist who is bringing a new and fresh way of Reggaeton to Lisbon’s music scene.
Sol is very proud of her mixed identity and this is at the forefront of the way she connects with the public — she is Spanish (Catalan) with Argentinian and Angolan ancestry, yet grew up in Portugal and has launched her career here. 

Gano is her first EP, and it portraits her path as an artist in the industry. The firts song of the EP has the same name and the song is a flex, a moment for Sol and a crew of other solo artists to celebrate their persistence in this industry, the hustle, the independence, the pursuit, being self-made and independent.

For this project and had the pleasure to design the EP identity, while making a connection with the movent Soluna is exploring and sharing, and for her two shows. 

Soluna EP           
May 2022

lisboa, pt.