De la Terre à la Lune

Julio Verne wrote From the Earth to the Moon in 1865. The story relates a flight to the moon with the exact durantion of 97 hours and 20 minutes. However its end does not feel like an end and the three characters do not know their final destination. 

The briefing was to ilustrate what happened, to end this story and give the characters the end they deserve. 

Through image manipulation I’ve added nine new moments to the story creating new characters and having as the base of the story a sci-fi twist to it as it was asked in the briefing.

De la Terre à la Lune
Academic Project for the Storytelling subject  Postgraduate Design para às ICC
January 2021

1. Nicholl, Barbicane and Michel Ardan realize something is wrong. They even arrived at a point in space, however, it was not the expected destination. Huge frustrations begin to brew on the ship where these space explorers are. So close yet so far, from where the moon is, it's just a step away.

2. As ingenious men with desperation accompanying their every action, they try to find a solution to the enormous problems they face. While the snow floats in space, the new adventure of these men is to find a way to put it to sea, however, not everything is as it was when they left Earth, not everything works anymore.

3. Continuing to work on the new mission, a huge bang accompanies their work, not knowing what it is or where the panic and fear comes from we installed in the ship.

4. Space remains agitated, unknown sounds and strong winds are the new nature of the enormous darkness that fills the space. But among the winds there was a sound, the sound of the one who travels, it was Aether, defender of hers and space.

5. Panic was building in the ship. Aether was getting closer and closer to the navigators, but they still didn't have a solution. Fear and despair were mixed together without being able to distinguish in what was imagined to be a peaceful adventure into the unknown.

6. What appeared to be just one became a battalion of soldiers. Aether in command and all disciples began the attack on their invaders. But of all soldiers, there is always the one who is the weakest, and that one gave way. Such was the case with Barbicane, who left his statue figure aside and surrendered to Aether. But as soon as this image occurred in the eyes of other men, the war began. Nicholl, despite being a man with the name of a physicist, had the gift of words and never thought they would serve him in space. As he knew how to do, he started negotiations in full space.

7. An intergalactic war was taking place. although it was only between words, the tense atmosphere simulated each accusation like an instrument of heavy artillery. Aether accused humans of occupying once again what was not theirs, thus trying to be superior to all the gods. But Nicholl claimed that thousands of years of the gods' power were more than enough, it was time to turn the page he claimed. Several hours occupied these two between sharp and accusing conversations.

8. After hours, the negotiations came to an end, each element found itself in a trail, without strength in its soul. But the final verdict gave strength to men from the land. Aether gave them what they wanted most, the moon. On the sole condition that these space explorers change their name to moon explorers as they no longer had any access to galactic space.

9. But nevertheless, the soul of explorers is placed in them, and as soon as they settled on the moon they observed what would be their next adventure, Mars. But little do they know the work and problems they will have until they get there

lisboa, pt.