Chromoty is a project that arises within the scope of the monotony that one lives in the middle of a pandemic.

We are already tired of being at home and our day-to-day teleworking, in front of a screen, is constantly the same, to be with the same people, looking at the same walls, seeing the same movies and always hear the same upstairs neighbours screaming... It's been a year and still, nothing has surprised us!

As a subscription service based on chroma and emotions, the surprise is the service differentiating point. With the option of buying yearly, from time to time or on special occasions this service purpose is to make you feel things again. The box items are selected specifically to you as a small personality questionary is asked before buying, even if it is a gift you will be asked to describe the person getting the box to have the most personalized service possible.

Pos-Graduate Final Group Project
January - June 2021

Examples of what a box can bring inside according to feeling selected by the user. At the moment of checking out the user selects price range, where does he live and feeling intented to receive . 
Brand Activtion Ideas for a year market plan 

The first brand activation is to install a vending machine saying “ We have feeling for you” the intention is to seduce the users and intend his curiosity, as the user interacts with the machine it will apear the option to choose the feeling he wants to receive and a small gift will be given .
Afterwards, during summer time  buildings will receive the colour of chromoty subscription boxes and expand the feelings and chroma around the ones walking thought the streets .

During the Festive Season the intention is to have two magazines page with the color spectrum and feeling Chromoty sells and offer emotions to others. As we know magazines temd to go to one person to another, the color spectrum will be an easy cut peace of paper to choose or get the emotion choosen.

This project was made in collaboration with Ana Semedo, Julia Beserra, Rita Cardoso & Maria Filipe .

lisboa, pt.