I’m a creative based in Lisbon.

I’m currently working as a Designer and Art Director at Gleba Nossa. Gleba is a Lisbon based sourdough bakery that works combining tradition and innovation on its products. 

I love to work with brand identities and communication, but next to Design my passions are cooking and sneakers. I also have a big connection with languages, I speak Spanish and Portuguese natively and as a  proficiency level French and English. My next step is to become fluent in Mandarim, right now I can only order food.

Academically speaking, I’ve graduated from IADE-U with a Bachelor on Global Design with an exchange program at MDS at Auckland, NZ. I also have a Postgraduate in Design for Creative Industries .

Besides working as an Art Director,  I’m also part of the online magazine Contracoutura, where Fashion, Art & Design, Sneakers and Football are discussed and brought up to date.




lisboa, pt.